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Oklahoma State University

Primary Logo

Oklahoma State University identity elements and "spirit" marks are only for use by the University's academic and athletic departments and university-sanctioned sports and spirit organizations. OSU's athletic spirit marks include the brand, the burning brand, the "O" series and the Pistol Pete image and mascot. The athletic logos should never be used in place of the primary OSU logo and nomenclature in any academic application. Athletic logos should never be used to promote non-athletic related activities or entities.

While the primary logo is to be used for all OSU units, events or activities, the OSU brand and the "O" series wordmarks are the preferred identity marks for OSU Athletics. Official OSU materials must have at least one of the preferred marks. Athletic marks should never be used with the primary university mark. The Pistol Pete image may be used in addition to a preferred mark.

The logos may be sized appropriately for the specific use, even so, care should be taken that the proportions are not altered. The OSU light orange color is only to be used as the accent to the standard orange. All logo and marks must be reproduced from official artwork available through the University Marketing office or the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Four color process version preferred for all applications
Black-and-white screened version preferred for all applications
Single-color version is appropriate when screen version is not suitable
Single-color version is also suitable for small applications of three-quarter inch or smaller



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