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Oklahoma State University

Crafters Program

Oklahoma State University has embarked on a new program to benefit the Oklahoma craftsperson. The sale of infringing craft products has become a substantial problem and we believe this program will provide you with an opportunity to use your creativity, while still allowing the University to maintain the integrity of its brand.

Outlined below are some of the elements that are incorporated into the Crafter License Program:

  • Items must be hand-made by you; no commercially manufactured items are allowed.
  • If your company’s anticipated sales exceed 500 units or sales revenue exceeds $2,500 in one year, please refer to for more information on the Local or Standard Licenses available through the University’s licensing agent, The Collegiate Licensing Company.
  • A Crafter License allows for sales to individual consumers only, not via wholesale or a third party retailer.
  • A $100 fee will be charged by the University on an annual basis.
  • An Officially Licensed Collegiate Craft label will be required to be affixed to all products. These labels must be purchased through Oklahoma State University during the execution of the crafter licensing agreement.

Kurtis Mason, Director of Trademarks and Licensing
Email:; Phone: 405-744-6238; Fax: 405-744-8445

We appreciate your interest in Oklahoma State University.